Custom Thermoplastic Injection Molding
Non-Metallic Components, Inc. a TS 16949 certified company producing extremely close tolerance plastic injection molded parts and plastic filtration for the Water, HVAC, Industrial, Agricultural and Appliance industries.

Non-Metallic Components, Inc. solves tough injection molding problems.  NMC has performed over 400 take-over mold projects and injection molds micro-thin and tight tolerance products. With patented plastic molded filtration and flow control technology, NMC is a leader in plastic injection molding.

Tight Tolerances
Non-Metallic Components, Inc. has successfully produced products that most other thermoplastic injection molders refuse. +/- .001.  NMC’s TS 16949 certified company pushes the limits in injection molding technology.

Cost Saving
Non-Metallic Components, Inc. can frequently save clients up to 75% the cost of their projects by replacing multiple metal parts with a single plastic injection molded part. NMC’s cost savings solutions include: Sonic welding, hot stamping, heat staking, spin welding, pad printing, secondary prototyping, manual and automated assembly services.

Engineering Grade Design
Non-Metallic Components, Inc. are specialist in highest-tech resins, injection molding: Amodel®, Ryton®, Fortron®, Celstran® , Verton®, Rigid and flexible PVC, PEEK®, Kevlar®, Long fiber materials- up to ½" fibers at up to 60% concentrations, Clear grades of polycarbonate, PVC, styrene, acrylic, polyester and nylon.

High / Low Volumes
Non-Metallic Components, Inc. is extremely competitive at all project sizes.  Contact NMC about our injection molding solution for your next project. 

Customer Service
Non-Metallic Components, Inc. is proud to have award winning service and the best people in the industry.  NMC’s quality control and customer service departments are consistently ranked “OUTSTANDING” by their long-term customers
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