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Introducing the NMC One-Piece Molded Hose Filter!
By utilizing NMC's patented filter technology, you can eliminate expensive wire mesh, two-piece and other filter media. Our One-Piece Molded Hose Filter is available in a wide variety of resins from flexible PVC to polypropylene, in standard to customer hole sizes and virtually unlimited design flexibility for shaping filters (traditional, cylindrical, flat, conical and custom).

Key Filter Benefits:

  • One-Piece Molded Hose Filter
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    Easily cleanable—the cone can be completely inverted without damaging the part on softer durometer materials.
  • Deposits will rinse off rather than stick to a metal screen.
  • Deposits and debris are directed to the edge of the cone with fluid motion—the filter is semi-self cleaning.
  • More durable one piece molded construction.
  • Various materials allow for many applications including chemical resistance, sealing, thermal properties, etc.
  • Less expensive than traditional two-piece or metal woven screen filters.
  • Various hole and outside diameter sizes available.
  • Can be integrated into other designs.

Manufacturing simplicity offers tremendous cost savings over wire or plastic cloth insert filters and two-piece designs. Long term, proven manufacturing processes in commodity to engineering grade resins offer a wide range of properties to fit your needs.

NEW! - The NMC One-Piece Molded Hose Filter (Patent Pending)

Gasket molded at the same time as the filter detail providing one-piece seamless construction.


Filter hole openings
as fine as .010 inches
(250 microns).


One-Piece Molded Hose Filter

Uniform mesh hole size increases precision for greater purity in particulate separation

Woven, steel or plastic mesh is eliminated through integral one-piece construction

Deposits rinse off and are less likely to adhere to surface than a metal mesh.

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