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Non-Metallic ComponentsNon-Metallic Components has a proven track record of producing the most difficult injection molded product at quality levels unsurpassed.

Using quality control tools such as Cp and Cpk Analysis, Statistical Process Control, Gage R & R's, FMEA's and Process Flow Diagrams enable us to closely monitor the production process. Whatever your quality requirements, NMC can work with you and your specific requirements, to better serve your needs.

Non-Metallic Components

NMC is an ISO/TS 16949 certified company and continues to hold registration through yearly audits at both Wisconsin facilities.

NMC employs various gaging to generate initial part layouts and to monitor the production process. These tools range from typical gaging like calipers, micrometers, plug/pin gages and height gages, to more complex gages like coordinate measuring machines, bore gages, toolmakers and standard microscopes, video coordinate measuring systems, force gages, flow gages and many custom gages Non-Metallic Componentsfor specific NMC applications.

Sophisticated gaging technology is only as good as the operator behind it. NMC requires numerous basic and advanced metrology classes for all operators to perfect measuring technique.

From the onset of a project, with design FMEA's to full PPAP submissions, through to the final production run of a product, the NMC Quality Department offers the people and the technology to meet your most critical injection molding quality needs.

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