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In order to get your project or quotation off of the ground quickly and seamlessly, NMC supports a wide variety of electronic file formats and transfer options. Please review our supported file types and electronic file transfer options below.

If you have any difficulties transferring files or have questions regarding compatibility, please call.

Supported File Types
NMC can import and export many CAD formats with our KeyCreator Software (formerly Cadkey). Ideally, a file produced from the native KeyCreator/Cadkey CAD package would provide the best results, but we can view many other formats listed in order of preference:

Simulation Software: Moldflow Mold Advisor
NMC uses this powerful tool to evaluate the "manufacturability" of a part design. A report can be generated that will graphically illustrate any concerns and establish confidence that a quality part can be produced. Additionally, this package can calculate runner and gate sizes, as well as cavity layouts. We strongly prefer native .STL files for this software.

1. Keycreator (Native Cadkey or Keycreator files)
2. .stp
3. .iges
4. .dwg
5. .dxf
6. solidworks
7. parasolid
8. .stl

An .stl file would be required in order to complete a Moldflow analysis, but NMC can also export the .stl file from your original file format. If you have a question regarding any other file type, please contact our Engineering Department.

File Transfer Options

NMC Web-Transfer System
The simplest way to transfer your digital files to NMC is via our online web-transfer system. Simply fill out the form below, attach your file with the browse menu and click "transfer"

File Transfer Information

Your name*:

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Instructions/ Project Notes:

Attach file:

File Attachment 1:
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File Attachment 3:
File Attachment 4:

Attached files may NOT exceed 5MB in total size (all files combined).

  • The following file formats may NOT be attached: .exe, .asp, .bat, .com, .dll, .cgi, .pl, .vbs
  • Files may take several minutes to transfer. Please click the “Submit Form With Attachment” link only once.


Email Attachment
To send a file as an email attachment, use the staff email directory below:

Select a name and click the Send Email button:
(Note, you must have an email program associated with your browser to use this function)

Files by Mail
NMC will gladly accept files on standard electronic media.
Please confirm the proper mailing address with your NMC contact before shipping.

phone: 608-635-7366 • fax: 608-635-7371 • service@nonmetallic.com